About Aisye

Let me introduce our brand, Aisye. Here we’re tell you about our collection. Our value signature is ‘Simple Happiness and Syar’i’.

‘Syar’i’ value guides muslimah to fulfill the syariat, the rules written in al Qur’an. It’s not too thight, does not show body curve, no transparent, and chest covering hijab.

We aim to give you the feeling of comfort and happy through a syar’i yet elegant dress that you can wear wherever, whenever. Our design perspective is that simplicity wins the long run.

Our collections designed by many shades of pastel colors and some earth tone colour which describes our feminine personality.

Our targets are Indonesian muslimah range from 17 to 40 years old. But, it’s not close the opportunity for older or younger muslimah to wear our product.

You can reach our products through online store at instagram @aisyehijab

It’s about simplify your lifestyle according to Islamic rules and make a timeless look wearing Aisye!

We hope everyone will have a wonderful personal shopping experience in our online store and will happy while wearing our product.

Much love, Aisye.